Government Payroll


Action Data Services has provided professional service to government municipalities for over 30 years. Today, ADS Payroll is an expert in government related payroll services. We guarantee compliance with all laws and regulations and are committed to providing the most comprehensive, full-service payroll system available to municipalities in the tri-state area.

We Offer:
· User Friendly Conversion Procedure
· Comprehensive Easy-to-Use Software
· Top Notch Individualized Customer Service
· Tax Filing
· Pension Filing and Payment Services
· Bank Reconciliation Services
· Trial Balance Sheet Services
· Retirement Services
· SAS 70 Annual Updates
· Labor Cost Analysis
· 3rd Party Vendor Payments

At ADS payroll, we provide complete audited pension filing and payment, state approved third party agency payment, complete bank reconciliation, and detailed trial balance sheet services. Additionally, ADS payroll has the ability to manage tax obligations regarding imputed income, and taxes are prepared locally in our Fairfield NJ offices. ADS Payroll will also take care of any need to execute state employee retirement services, and we provide SAS 70 annual updates. We ensure that your municipality is always in complete compliance with the law.

Ease of use is important, and ADS Payroll includes comprehensive and easy to use software, along with a user friendly conversion procedure and labor distribution system. Our relational database and report writer is also extremely accessible for all users. As part of our emphasis on customer service and easy-to-use payroll services, we also provide our clients with on-going training from our clients’ facility and offer a “shadowing” function as well.